Wheatgrass Dosage and Uses

 Fresh Wheatgrass Doses

People opting for fresh Wheatgrass Juice needs to take 30 ml per dose which require approx. 70 gm of fresh wheatgrass for juicing up.

Always take doses as prescribed by your Doctor.

For general health enhancement and adding nutrients to our diet we can take one dose in morning and other does in evening.

For other Health condition and for using wheatgrass for weight loss or Gain or weight correction please take advice of your doctor

In other health condition the usual doses ranges from 3 to 4 times a day till satisfactory result are obtained.

Wheatgrass get absorbed by the body in 40 to 50 minutes and it is advised to take it in empty stomach.

Some people do not like it’s grassy taste so they can take it with fruit juice or mix it with salad and to our food.

Some people might experience nausea and irregular bowl movement due to its cleaning effect. In such condition reduce the quantity of juice and increase it quantity gradually thus allowing body to adopt to it.

It is totally  safe for children who can be given 1/3 to 1/2 of doses consumed by adult.

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Manual Wheatgrass Juicer IndiaJuicing of Wheatgrass

It is important to use Wheatgrass Juicer rather than the commonly used high RPM ( revolution per minute ) kitchen Mixer Grinder.

These high speed Mixer operates at 1000 to 1200 RPM which break up the molecular structure of wheatgrass and oxidize it’s nutrients converting it to foam.

Wheatgrass juicer are available in two types i.e. manual and electric one.

These wheatgrass juicer operates RPM below 80 which doesnot result in loss of nutrients.

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Organic Wheatgrass Powder Doses

Doses for organic certified Wheatgrass powder is sme as fresh wheatgrass except you take one measure spoon amounting to 3 gm.

For Wheatgrass as Health Supplement take 1 spoon = 3 gm empty stomach in the morning empty stomach and do not eat anything for 1 hour. You You can also take one spoon 50 minutes before dinner.

Just mix the Wheatgrass powder with lukewarm water and take it in empty stomach.

For Health condition you can do a 90 days course of Wheatgrass powder on advice of your Doctor as per bellow given instructions.


First 5 days : ! spoon in Morning

From 6th to 10th day : 1 spoon in Morning and one spoon in evening

From 11th to 15 day : 2 spoon in morning and 1 spoon in night.

From 16th day onward till 90 days  : 2 spoon in Morning and 2 spoon in night.

It is convenient to take as it does not require you to juice up the wheatgrass and you are sure of the quality as it is from reputed organization who are in this field for last 15 years and have Indian organic and US organic Certific

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